When creating content for us to use on any of our platforms it is important that it has you engaging with the the product, that the product is the focus point of the content. 


Examples of engaging picture content;

  • Reading the the back of the label
  • A clear glass made up with the product so the colour of the liquid is seen, with the actual product also clearly visible. The jar could be sitting on the bench or in your other hand, just be sure the front of the product/label is visible.
  • The product on the bench and a shaker in your hand or acting like you are drinking the product in the shaker
  • A coffee cup in hand with the latte, coffee or drinking chocolate on view. Or the latte, coffee or drinking chocolate on the bench with a coffee cup and tea spoon as if you are stirring the beverage
  • SMILE!! A picture with a smile is way more appealing to the eye so please remember to smile
We highly recommend that when you create content to also do so in two different spots, example capture a image in the kitchen and then a second one sitting at the dinning table or on a sofa or even standing on balcony etc. This will double your content by simply changing the spots. 


Please see these images as a guide to give you




  • The product must always be in clear view within the image/video. 
  • No photo shop! We will not use images edited and excessive filtering. This changes the colour of the product and looks terrible. Image must look organic and clean