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OH H20

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Do yourself a flavour and get more from your OH20

We won’t tell you that this will substitute a balanced diet, 8 hours of sleep or your daily workout. What we will tell you is it is made with a combination of 18 nutrients that will support your body’s daily needs and give you a natural radiance.


Your body uses nutrients for an incredible variety of functions and this is why OH H20 was formulated with crucial nutrients to help support performance, immune health, hair, skin, nails, joints, tendons and more..


So you are wondering if OH H20 fits your needs? If you want to WORK, TRAIN & ZEN to the best of your ability and believe that health starts from the inside-out you are already apart of the OH H20 family! There is no better way to hit your daily hydration needs other than drinking OH H20 which will give you 25% of your recommended daily intake of Vitamin B and 100% of your Vitamin C needs, all with zero nasties, sugar or any artificial colours, flavours or additives.


OH don't be silly we haven't finished we have carefully crafted this to be a delicious experience to have your hair, skin and nails at their healthiest while taking care of your gut, joint & tendon health by given each serve a healthy 4 gram dose of Collagen backed up with 2 grams of BCAAs and electrolytes.


Turning that boring bottle of water into a refreshing vitalizing beverage is so easy as OH H20 comes in the most delicious real life watermelon flavour and cleverly packed with our very own funnel scoop, so no matter if you are out and about on the go or at home, adding your OH H20 mix to water bottles or shaker is easy and will create no mess. 

All Packaging 100% Recyclable

We care as much about the environment as we do about our own wellbeing and that is why we only use 100% recyclable packaging.